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From the Pole to the Pulpit

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Born a Pastor’s daughter Tabitha was brought up to be the model young woman.  Reared to wait till marriage , cater to her family and her God she was prime for ministry at a young age.  That is until life happened.  By age 19 with little to no self-esteem, self-respect or confidence, she found herself contemplating doing things that went against everything she had ever been taught.  “How did I get here,” she thought, but soon after getting a taste of the fast life, it was too late to turn back.  Within months she was so far in and the money was so good that she ran away from her safe life and ended up in a world she could never have prepared herself for.  Faced with physical and mental abuse along with finding out she was with child, Tabitha knew something had to change.  In the height of the lifestyle she was pushed out by divine destiny.  From cover to cover this young lady takes you through the lifestyle of an exotic dancer to the very throne of God’s magnificent Grace for her! From The Pole To The Pulpit is the ministry of Tabitha Matthews that God has mandated her to share for the edification of women all over the world.

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