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   Born the fourth of five children, Tabitha Matthews has been there done that and wrote a book about it.  Raised in the fear and reverence of God, this young woman strayed and experienced life in the fast lane.  After being a wayward teen and misguided youth she gave her life to Christ in 1998.  Her life experiences has afforded her the opportunity to minster to women of all walks of life.  She has overcome many obstacles, which have allowed her experiences to enhance her ministry.  With compassion, courage, and commitment she shares with women biblical fundamentals and personal examples to be successful in life by reminding women who and whose they are. 


    Educated by life she is a professional woman that holds good stewardship sacred.  This woman of God sees mentorship and example as two of the ways God is going to deliver young women from today's plague that is among them.  God has placed a special anointing on her life to care for hurting people and minister to their need.  This humble servant has faced rejection by being told "You won't make it", "You're not good enough", only to grow stronger in her faith in God.  She has proved him for results.  Her phrase for life is..."Tinogona" Shona (African) for "It is Achievable"!  Author, Visionary, Mother, Wife and humble servant Tabitha believes that there is nothing that is impossible.  She teaches determination and faith while she imparts a "Never Quit" attitude among all who meet her.

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